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Accessories - Mounting
What good is a light if you can't put it where you want it? We thought so too so we got busy and whacked together the following accessories that will clip, clamp, stick or set a Littlite wherever you need one.
Model Description Pricing
Cast Weighted Base

• Turn your Littlite lampset into a desk light
• Improved design features four rubber feet for maximum stability
• For use with L-1, L-2, L-3 and L-4 series
List: $27.65
High Tension Clamp

• Attach a Littlite to this beauty with screws provided or with a Snap Mount and clip away
List: $10.60
L-Series Mounting Bracket

• Piggyback a Littlite L-series lampset to your rack without hogging any rack space
• Can also be used as a universal bracket to mount a Littlite on just about any surface
List: $16.00
Stabilizer Plate for CWB

• Includes bottom plate and four self-adhesive rubber feet
• Prevents the CWB from tipping when the gooseneck is hyper-extended
List: $6.15
Magnetic Base with Adhesive Tape

• Stick it to the bottom of your Littlite and then stick the whole shebang to something made of steel
List: $23.40
Snap Mount (One pair)

• Two-piece, self-adhesive backed fastener type stuff
• For use with L-1, L-2, L-3 and L-4 series
List: $8.65
BNC Panel Socket

• For detachable G-series gooseneck
List: $3.15
TNC Panel Socket

• For detachable T-series gooseneck
List: $3.15
Adjustable Clip for L-Series

• Clip your Littlite L-Series to edges 1/16" thin to 7/8" thick
List: $24.50
Mounting Plate

• For installing a DM, PS or P series gooseneck
List: $26.45
MP 2
Dual Mounting Plate

• Designed for a P or G series gooseneck and DM dimmer
List: $14.80
3-Pin XLR Panel Socket (Black)

• Panel socket for detachable X and XR series 3-pin XLR gooseneck
List: $9.85
4-Pin XLR Panel Socket (Black)

• Panel socket for detachable X and XR series 4-pin XLR gooseneck
List: $13.35
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